The Kälberhalle

in the Schlachthof district of Augsburg

The Augsburg brewery “At the Sign of the Hare” is a brewery, pub, restaurant and event location in the Augsburg Schlachthof district. Hasen-Bräu has existed in Augsburg since 1464. At that time small home breweries, the so-called “Haus-Preus”, were widespread. Today, almost 550 years later, Hasen-Bräu is reviving this old Augsburg tradition in the listed building of the Kälberhalle. Here we treat our guests every day to hearty dishes from our grill. We also brew tasty beer specialities from handed-down recipes, with regional ingredients and in the best craft manner. The traditional process of brewing is considered an art and requires a lot of time and care. A special feature is that the guests can watch the brewers at their work. In the brewery and in the house-owned beer garden, our guests can enjoy the naturally cloudy, very drinkable “Augsburger Original” cellar beer and the other authentic Hasen-Bräu beers fresh from the keg.

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Event location Augsburg

Events, weddings & more

The Kälberhalle is well-known as an event location in Augsburg and is available all the year round for parties and celebrations. We will be happy to cater for you and your guests for a Christmas party, a school leavers’ prom, a big wedding, company anniversary and many other occasions. We also warmly welcome smaller celebrations such as birthdays, confirmation or first communion parties. With our large beer garden, we can also offer a beautiful outdoor area secluded under chestnut trees. There is adequate parking space for all visitors right by the building.

Hasen Beers

Simple, honest, authentic.

When producing the Hasen beers, we use only the finest raw materials. One of the most important requirements for the excellent quality and outstanding flavour of Hasen beers is the crystal clear, especially soft water for brewing. Carefully controlled steeping, germinating and drying in the malting process creates the brewing malt from grains of wheat and summer barley. High-quality yeasts give the top-fermented and bottom-fermented Hasen-Bräu beers their individual character. Carefully selected aromatic hops create the unmistakeable refined bitter note and the famous fine-pored foam of the head.