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The grill in Augsburg

The Hasenbräuhaus in the Kälberhalle is a brewery and grill in Augsburg. The Kälberhalle near the banks of the Lech in the Schlachthof district is due to the re-planning of the Augsburg slaughterhouse in 1880 in the outer distracts of the city. As part of a conversion, some of the former buildings of the central abattoir were turned into commercial buildings. Since then, new life has come into the Schlachthof district; a colourful blend of catering and craft establishments, workshops and service companies have settled here. This is where we will welcome you, and right next door is where Augsburg’s famous Hasen beer is brewed. You couldn’t be more central! To add to the really cosy atmosphere we have our hearty Bavarian cuisine and a Hasen beer that couldn’t be fresher. By this stage at the latest, the cosiness factor is right off the scale.

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Chanterelle season in the Kälberhalle


News and Information from the Kälberhalle

The home of beer

Haus-Preu (home brewing) is an Augsburg tradition

Hasen-Bräu has been at home in Augsburg since 1464. At that time, brewing in small home breweries was widespread in Augsburg. “Haus-Preu” meant both a brewery and a place where beer is served. The Augsburg Hasen-Bräu also dates back to such a home brewery: the pub “Zu den drey Glass” (The Three Glasses)”.
The name Hasen-Bräu is due to the Haus-Preu brewer Martin Eberle. One day, a hare lost its way and came in to the pub’s taproom. Eberle, while chasing the terrified animal, fell on his nose; his victim escaped unhurt and the landlord acquired the name “Hasen-Preu” (hare brewer).

Event location Augsburg

Events, weddings & more

Thanks to the wonderful atmosphere and the size of our restaurant, the Hasenbräuhaus is the ideal catering venue for weddings, corporate events or conferences. Here with us you can enjoy Bavarian cuisine with fabulous charm. We are totally flexible: whether in the choice of food, decoration or live music. There is space for up to 1,000 persons in our restaurant: that makes us able to host just about any event. We would be happy to offer comprehensive advice. Also, ask about our All-in-One Service.

Kälberhalle menu

Good home-style cuisine in a unique atmosphere

In the Kälberhalle of the Hasenbräuhaus, we not only offer delicious treats and fresh draft beer, but also fantastic live music. In our Augsburg restaurant you can enjoy good home-style food and music by regional bands. What we serve up on your plate will also, whenever possible, come from the region. This not only guarantees the freshness of the ingredients but also their quality.


Plenty of Weisswurst sausage!

The Kälberhalle pre-lunch drink

Here with us in the Kälberhalle Augsburg, you have the opportunity every Sunday between 10 a.m. and 12 noon to eat as many of the traditional butcher Magnus Bauch’s Weißwurst sausages as you like. Of course these are accompanied by freshly baked pretzels sweet mustard. All for only 5.00 € pro Person.

Lunch menu

Lunch menu

Always Mondays to Fridays from 11.30 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. (except public holidays)

Business-Lunch I

9,90 €

Ein Hauptgericht der Mittagskarte + 1 alkoholfreies Getränk (0,4l) oder Bier (0,3l) + Espresso oder Kaffee

Business-Lunch II

12,90 €

Eine Vorspeise und ein Hauptgericht der Mittagskarte + 1 alkoholfreies Getränk (0,4l) oder Bier (0,3l) + Espresso oder Kaffee

Business-Lunch III

14,90 €

Eine Vorspeise, ein Hauptgericht und ein Dessert der Mittagskarte + 1 alkoholfreies Getränk (0,4l) oder Bier (0,3l) + Espresso oder Kaffee

In a hurry at lunchtime? Just order by phone in advance – we look forward to your call! We will also be happy to send you news and our lunch menu directly every week by e-mail. To receive this, you just need to register at info@kaelberhalle.de


4,50 €
4,90 €
Kleiner gemischter Salat
3,90 €

Main courses

1 Paar Geschwollene
6,90 €
mit Kartoffel-Gurkensalat
Allgäuer Käseschnitzel
7,90 €
vom Schwein mit Kartoffelsalat
Puten Geschnetzeltes
7,90 €
mit Spätzle
8,90 €
mit Chery-Tomaten in Pilzrahm garniert mit Pesto und Parmesan
8,90 €
natürlich hausgemacht!


4,90 €
mit heißen Himbeeren und Vanilleeis
Seasonal menu

Seasonal menu

Because of the current situation, we are unable to offer a seasonal menu.



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