Hasenbräuhaus Kälberhalle Augsburg

Explore the home of Hasen-Bräu

The Kälberhalle is a living witness of the city history of Augsburg. When in 1880 the slaughterhouse in the inner city became too small, plans matured for a new building on the site of today’s Kälberhalle. In 1900 the new abattoir and livestock market opened next to the Augsburg city harbour. In spring 2004, more than 100 years later, after a new conversion and more compact building use, the imposing livestock market hall was also a building surplus to requirements: our Kälberhalle. Since 2011 it has been the new home of Hasen-Bräu. This listed building is impressive with its historic structure and spectacular industrial architecture. The heart of the building, flooded with light, is the really cosy pub with its brewery. Guests can watch the brewers working at their trade. They can then enjoy the fresh draft Hasen-Bräu beer specialities with a direct view of the brewing kettle and the filling of the kegs.

Brewery management

Experience 550 years of tradition

Connoisseurs will notice at the first sip that there are more than 550 years of tradition in every Hasen beer. Because brewing beer – today as it was in the past – is a skilled craft. The Hasen master brewers are of course supported by modern technology. But no ingredient gets into the brewing kettles that they have not themselves tested. Apart from their hands, they use their noses and eyes much more often when brewing the excellent Hasen beers. We exclusively provide the finest raw materials for our Hasen beers. Filling is by the keg, in the 2 l flip-top bottle or in the bulbous nostalgic bottle. As part of a guided tour of the brewery, you would be right next to the action and will get to know the individual steps for creating beer. Finally, of course, you will be able to taste the freshly brewed delicious beers. Hasen-Bräu is brewed with very soft water, selected grain and high-quality yeasts. This gives Hasen beers the unique character that has made them famous all over Germany.